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Why is your support so important to the University of Mississippi's Division of Student Affairs? Our team constantly strives to strengthen experiences outside academic offerings because valuable learning experiences also occur beyond classroom walls. We help students become acclimated to their college home; find safe housing and pursue healthy lifestyles; and build leadership, career-specific and life skills through activities and programming - helping them develop into well-rounded individuals and professionals.

Ole Miss' dedicated and energetic Student Affairs team supports students' co-curricular, emotional, physical and financial needs. A long tradition embraced by the Ole Miss family is "giving back" to help pave the way for students who look to this flagship university for opportunities. We are deeply grateful for what can only be described as exceptional generosity. Please expand this meaningful legacy today by supporting one of the following initiative-based methods or by joining the Ole Miss Family Leadership Council:

•    Alcohol and Drug Education and Intervention

Many students believe the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol is a rite of passage in college, a tradition that must be embraced for social success.  The University of Mississippi joins every other college in the U.S. in its concern about these behaviors, and we sponsor a long list of programs designed to educate students about the risks associated with illegal alcohol and drug use and binge drinking.  We offer intervention strategies and the Collegiate Recovery Community for those students choosing a sober lifestyle.  But, we know we can do more.

Financial support for Alcohol and Drug Education and Intervention will allow the University to take a multi-faceted approach to help students choose healthy, productive lifestyles that support academic success and persistence to graduation.  The focus is on education and prevention; early intervention and assessment; parent and student support; and state and national research.

•    Rebels Lead

Leadership development is essential for equipping students to compete in a global market. It is the University’s goal to ensure that students are provided exceptional leadership development that will increase self-awareness, enhance their educational experience and heighten their exposure to an ever-changing world. We want students to leave Ole Miss not only prepared to apply their learning to their chosen profession, but to lead in their chosen field.

Financial support funds leadership initiatives such as workshops, training opportunities and practice-based speakers designed to inspire students to lead.

•     The Ole Miss Family Fund

Unfortunately, every semester a few Ole Miss students experience unforeseen and seemingly insurmountable hardships such as the death of a parent or caregiver, the loss of a family home due to fire, or a personal medical emergency, just to name a few examples.  The Ole Miss Family Fund is an emergency assistance fund available to any enrolled student facing a crisis situation. The fund will provide micro grants for students of the Ole Miss family in their greatest hour of need. 

Financial contributions to the Ole Miss Family Fund give the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs the flexibility to address immediate needs facing a student in crisis with the ultimate goal of ensuring that the student remain enrolled at Ole Miss and complete his or her collegiate career

•     Veteran and Military Services

Today’s service members often face many challenges in pursuing their education or returning to the University, including financial need, suitable housing, and career and civilian life transitions. The University is committed to serving those who have served us and our nation.

Financial support provides aid for expanded outreach and support initiatives specifically tailored toward our student veterans.

•    Ole Miss Family Leadership Council

The Ole Miss Family Leadership Council (OMFLC) consists of families who share the University of Mississippi's vision of a great comprehensive public institution of higher learning, deeply committed to offering extraordinary educational opportunities to students. The Council provides avenues for parents to support programs and events that enhance their students' experiences, while also strengthening the University. OMFLC members also participate in the exchange of ideas and information about Ole Miss with key administrators and faculty members.

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